Power Plant Tunas Energy

Supply electricity needs in Tunas Industrial Estate with a private 12.6 Megawatt power plant.

24/7 Licensed Security

Licensed Security is always rstandby to maintain security around Tunas Industrial 24 hours a day.

Water Supply

Distribution network from SPAM Batam which will meet the water needs for all tenants and offices in Tunas Industrial Estate.

Food Court

No need to worry about hunger or thirst because there is a Food Court with many delicious culinaries at Tunas Industrial Estate. There is also a convenience store to provide daily necessities.

Telecommunication Network

A high quality and stable telecommunications network is ready to serve your business communication needs every day.

Bank & ATM Center

Bank & ATM Center are available to ease your daily transaction.

Dormitory Tunas

Providing dormitories within the Tunas Industrial Estate area. Offering a comfortable life as well as easy access to the workplace for employees.

Natural Gas

Supplied through the PGN network.

Commercial Area

The commercial area and shopping area of Tunas are ready to serve the various shopping needs of workers and industries.

Tunas Management

Tunas Management guarantees excellent service because we are very close to you.


Food, drinks, and your daily needs can be found easily.


There are several pharmacy shops to support everyone’s health at Tunas Industrial Estate.